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We are provide a B2B &B2C customise softwares.we are provide all types of API and BBPS services.We are also design LOGO'S and Catelogues.we are provide all time customer support and services.

Why Us

B2B Recharge Solution ALL API SOLUTION Mobile Recharge Software and Application helpful for Master distributor,distributor or retailers , It helps to process postpaid/prepaid recharges of mobile, dth, data card, utility bill payment via website, mobile application, and SMS long code (offline recharge). ALL API SOLUTION offer the best online recharge software with all essential business modules for B2B Recharge Softwares. All recharge software developed & designed can be customized according to the clients business needs. ALL API SOLUTION Recharge is one such innovative single point concept through which our Customers can get Multiple Prepaid services like Mobile Recharge/DTH Recharge/Bill Payment service etc by using B2B Recharge Software All distributors and retailers, can recharge Mobile (postpaid/prepaid), DTH, Data card, Landline bills, Gas, Electricity etc using web panel, mobile application, and offline SMS, If recharge fails then amount will be credited into their wallet.

About Us

  • Welcome at ALL API SOLUTION to join a life long business opportunity with us Recharge is stands among best Online Mobile Recharge Service Provider including all major mobile operators and DTH recharge. Become a part of this giant in a really small investment. Start today for a better future. Start your own mobile recharge business with us. Establishment of higher marketing standard is a key of global market structure. Every financial standard and life standard of people is always depends on marketing strategy. Impost Money brings you a standard and all new marketing plan in network marketing.
  • ALL API SOLUTION that floated to aggregate, commoditize and distribute the services in most convenient form to the consumers. The motto of the company is to give convenience and value to all its customers who are looking for online mobile recharge related services. As a corporate we are committed to develop new strategies and influence business transformations with smart thinking expertise. Our business expertise aims to address the prevailing gaps in various service sectors. We Endeavour to influence business service modules by riding on the advantage of IT innovations. We work towards creating a technological environment which delivers high performance, saves time & money and higher customer satisfaction within the service sectors.
  • Single Sim Recharge: Retailer can do multiple type of recharges / bill payment using single our wallet
  • Money Transfer: INSTANT money transfer to any bank account through our retailer terminal.
  • Bill Payments: All utility bill payments including BBPS through our retailer terminal.


  • ALL API SOLUTION B2B Recharge Solution have 6-channel (Admin, Master Distributor, Distributor, Retailer,User and API User) software
  • Admin can add unlimited Master Distributor, Distributor, Retailer,User and API User. You will be the software Admin
  • Admin have full authority to create/change its channel members. (Master Distributor, Distributor, Retailer,User and API User).
  • Admin can switch recharge API operator wise, according to their choice.
  • Admin can block particular operator overall or packages wise.
  • Admin can check its gross business volume, profit and loss day wise and month wise.
  • Admin can transfer the unlimited stock balance to your downline channel users.
  • Customize commission settings.
  • B2B members can recharge through SMS, Web Portal (recharge website) or Mobile application.
  • We can integrate multiple different APIs in our application according to client choice.
  • SMS API and Email Notification Integration.
  • Application Admin have full privilege to change its member configurations and actions.
  • Admin can permitted to access all user web login permissions and sms permissions.


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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Mobile Recharge Software?

    Mobile recharge software is been known by many names like Multi Recharge Software, E-topup Software. Reload Software. In mobile recharge software also, you will find different kind of software like EVD which is known as Electronic Voucher distribution Or Pin Base Recharge. Kiosk Base recharge in which kiosk is setup at public place like mall or in shops & customer can do his Mobile Recharge/ Mobile Topup directly from Kiosk.

  • Types of Mobile Recharge Software Basically there is 3 types of recharge software

    B2B Software: The Purpose of this software is to make a network of Distributor and Retailer & with the help of this network you run your business. B2C Software :This Software is been design for ultimate customer where in customer accesses to your website and enters his Mobile no also enters the credit card or debit card detail and directly topup his mobile. B2B + B2C Software : This is the software which combines the features of both the software B2B & B2C with the help of this recharge software you can run your network base of Retailer & Distributor as well as Direct Sale to Ultimate Customer.

  • In recharge Software we connect all the operator in one single E-topup platform and this connection is establish with the help of API’s for Example you have 5 operators in your country Like

    • Vodafone
    • Idea
    • Reliance Jio
    • Airtel
    • Bsnl

    Now we will take API’s of all above mention operator and connect them in our Recharge Software. Now you being an admin (Owner) will buy recharge from all the operator and distribute it further to your network of distributor and retailers. When Distributor & retailer will buy topup from you, you will give them balance which is also known as virtual money transfer with the help of that virtual money customer will be able to perform the recharge of all the above operator. Which means retailer or distributor need not buy balance from all the above 5 operator and block his money in stock. With the single balance of your company they can perform recharge of all the operators.

  • Telecommunication is one of the fastest growing sector and mobile recharge is one of the booming business. As mobile is a basic necessity of every individual same as food, cloth, shelter. Expert says that by 2020 world will have 24 billion connecting devices and almost every device needs internet to run and for that we need to perform recharge. Every person is your potential customer, you can connect from small shop to big mall in your network and sell recharge to them. You build your own App & website through which people can directly recharge their mobile phones.

    Telecom company provide commission on every recharge which is your revenue apart from that the number of users are massive in this business, you can use those customer to cross sell or upsell your other product, You can generate revenue through advertisement also apart from this there is lot more ways to generate revenue to know more contact us.

  • Our software is super easy and very user-friendly to do the E-topup, service provider can easily setup a network of distributors and retailers with multiple hierarchy level & multiple channels of recharge like SMS, USSD, Web, POS, Kiosk, Android and IOS base application in real time which can help to do the virtual topup of end subscribers account.


ALL API SOLUTION are available 24x7 at office hours.Our Customer support helpline number is also available 24 hours.


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+91 7600531143

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